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1. Does Adult Protective Services evaluate all adults and protect anyone who is thought to be abused?
2. If the Adult Protective Services social worker confirms that a dependent adult or elderly person is not safe in their home, can they remove him or her and place the person in a safer environment?
3. Does an Adult Protective Services worker locate housing for the homeless or individuals being evicted from their homes?
4. If I report my suspicions about an abuse, but do not have proof, what will happen to me and can I remain anonymous?
5. If APS cannot get voluntary cooperation from a client who has been determined to be too frail to handle their financial affairs, does APS automatically refer such cases for a Conservatorship?
6. Does Adult Protective Services find caregivers to go into the home of a frail client?
7. How quickly can we expect a social worker to respond to a report that is not an emergency?
8. What is an emergency response case?