How do I get a map of my property?

The Community Development Agency does not maintain official maps or recorded deeds of individual properties. If a site plan was prepared for a previous permit, that plan may be available. Many County offices use the Office of the County Assessor's Parcel Maps for reference in determining the proximity and shape of all parcels within the County, including the cities.

Assessor's maps provide a great deal of useful information, including the boundaries of cities and special districts, delineated by Tax Area Codes; they may reflect recorded easements, and they may specify a recorded map number. Assessor's parcel numbers are assigned for tax purposes and do not necessarily reflect legally created parcels. One legally created parcel may contain one or more Assessor's Map numbers, especially if the property is divided by a road, a creek or a special district. Do not assume that this map reflects a legal parcel, multiple parcels or legal boundaries. You may obtain a map from the online My Neighborhood Interactive Map.

The Office of the Nevada County Recorder, reached at 530-265-1221, maintains all officially recorded Parcel Maps and Final Maps (subdivisions) and Records of Survey. If your property has never been surveyed, there may not be an official map available.

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