What will the UAS be used for?

The Pilot Program is for unpermitted cannabis only. This will include plants but may also include other violations such as unpermitted greenhouses, unpermitted grading, unpermitted electrical, etc. associated with the unpermitted cannabis cultivation.

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1. What will the UAS be used for?
2. What exact steps is the county doing to ensure no one’s privacy is invaded (neighbors, persons at site, etc.)?
3. Who will operate the UAS and what is their level of training?
4. How will data be secured?
5. Why is a program of this nature important to Cannabis Compliance and Nevada County residents?
6. Will the program include the use of helicopters/fixed wing aircraft in addition to the UAS?
7. What is the initial Pilot Program cost?
8. Where is the funding for this programming coming from?
9. When does the program begin?
10. Is a search warrant required to implement the use of a drone?
11. How are accidents related to the use of this tool handled?