What happens after the environmental document is finished?

Once the Final EIR (or MND in the case of a Mitigated Negative Declaration) is finished, the project planner can prepare the staff report for the hearing body/bodies. The environmental document only presents the results of an objective review based on facts. The staff report is the document that contains extensive staff analysis on the merits of the project and the recommendation as to whether a project should be approved or denied. The recommendation is based in part on the findings of the environmental review It also takes into account other considerations such as recommendations from an advisory commission such as the Agricultural Advisory Commission or the Nevada County Airport Land Use Commission. Also, the staff report ties in recommendations or findings from the General plan such as land use compatibility and consistency with established land-use policies. The actual decision to approve or deny a project rests with one or more of the following hearing bodies: Nevada County Board of Supervisors, Nevada County Planning Commission, or the Zoning Administrator.

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