What is considered a project under CEQA?

A project is a proposal (or any part of a proposal) requiring discretionary approval, which may result in physical changes to the environment. The CEQA Guidelines provide a clear definition of a project (Governor’s Office of Planning and Research). Some examples of projects are applications to change adopted plans (i.e. General Plan Amendments), road widening projects, use permit requests, and subdivisions of property. The term "project" refers to the activity that causes the environmental impact.

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1. What is the California Environmental Quality Act and what is its purpose?
2. Why is CEQA important?
3. How does CEQA work?
4. What is considered a project under CEQA?
5. Does every project require CEQA review?
6. What is an exemption?
7. What is an Initial Study?
8. What is a Significant Impact? How do you decide whether an impact is significant?
9. What is a mitigation measure?
10. What is a Negative Declaration or a Mitigated Negative Declaration?
11. What is an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)? When is one required?
12. What happens after the environmental document is finished?
13. Is a public hearing required?
14. How to citizens get involved? What are the public notice requirements?