How do I learn more about the vote-by-mail process?

There are several resources that you may access to learn more about how vote-by-mail works in California. As with all election procedures, we follow state laws and guidelines governing the vote-by-mail process.

General laws about vote-by-mail in California start with Elections Code Chapter 1, Division 3, section 3000 et. seq. As a Voter’s Choice Act county, which requires participants to send all active registered voters a ballot, we also conduct mail balloting processes under Elections Code section 4005. The California Secretary of State further offers some educational materials about vote-by-mail:

Ain’t got no time for that? We get it! For a quick reference, you can also click here to see an overview about how mail ballot processing works in Nevada County. And of course, our staff is always happy to answer any questions that you have about vote-by-mail.

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