Who is Economic Plannning Systems, Inc. (EPS)?

Nevada County is partnering with Economic Planning Systems, Inc. (EPS) to update the County's Park Facility Impact Fee and to conduct a Western Nevada County Parks District Consolidation Feasibility Study. EPS is experienced in resolving complex financing issues; providing cutting-edge technical solutions; and presenting clear, understandable public information. Having completed scores of development impact fee programs for municipal agencies throughout California, EPS is familiar with the process to implement and update fee programs. Given previous experience, EPS is adept at proactively identifying special issues as they relate to park and recreation development mitigation and impact fees. For more information on EPS, please visit their website at https://www.epsys.com.

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1. Who is Economic Plannning Systems, Inc. (EPS)?
2. What is the Park Facility Impact Fee Nexus Study?
3. What is the Western County Park District Consolidation/Reorganization Feasibility Study?
4. What is a Development Imapct Fee?
5. What does a Development Impact Fee fund?
6. What can't a Development Impact Fee fund?
7. Why is the County evaluating the feasibility of consolidating Park Districts?
8. Would all Western County Districts have to consolidate?
9. What happnes next afetr teh studies are completed?