What do I need to do to receive debris clean-up services?

Phase one: Nevada County declared a Local Health Emergency, allowing us to provide free hazardous waste clean-up services. All affected properties have already been assessed and clean-up operations are underway.

Phase two: Nevada County Environmental Health can assist you with debris removal on your property. You can contact Amy Irani, Director of Environmental Health, at (530) 265-1464 or amy.irani@co.nevada.ca.us to obtain or complete a Right of Entry (ROE) form which grants government contractors access to your property. You can also find Nevada County's ROE and instructions to fill out the ROE on our Lobo and McCourtney Fire Recovery web pages.

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1. What do I need to do to receive debris clean-up services?
2. If I sign a Right of Entry from for property fire debris clean-up, what can I expect?
3. Who will pay for debris clean-up and removal?
4. When will debris removal begin?
5. What should I know about rebuilding my home?
6. What is considered hazardous waste?
7. If I have homeowner's insurance, can I still participate in the debris removal program?
8. I need to restore power to my property. Who do I contact?