Do you test utility meters?

 We only inspect electric, vapor (gas), and water meters that utility companies do not. An example of these meters is a mobile home park in which there is a master meter and an individual submeter at each mobile home. We test the submeters and a utility company (such as PG&E) tests the master meter. We test these submeters every ten years. 

We have original jurisdiction over sub-metered installations; where a landlord is master metered by a utility and has individually metered apartments, mobile home spaces or business locations. Each unit must be individually metered if there are separate charges for gas, electricity, or water. 

The Public Utilities Commission requires that all information and charges that appear on a customer's bill follow the format of the serving utility: 

  • Opening and closing reading dates 
  • Opening and closing meter readings 
  • Days in billing period 
  • Rate code being charged 
  • Baseline use and rate 
  • Over baseline use and rate 
  • Total charges for the billing period 
  • Note: A copy of the prevailing rate schedule must be posted in a common area of the office building. 

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