Why would I file an Assessment Appeal?

You may not need to file a formal appeal if you talk with staff from  your County Assessor’s office first 530-265-1232 or file an informal  appeal with the Assessor’s office. They can explain your property’s  assessed value, answer any questions you may have about the assessment,  and review any additional, pertinent information you may provide. If the  Assessor’s staff discovers an error, they may be able to reduce your  property’s assessed value to correct that error, and you may not need to  file an appeal.

If, however, you and the County Assessor cannot  reach an agreement, you can usually appeal your assessment to the  Assessment Appeals Board in the County where your property is located.  You must file an “Application for Changed Assessment” and your  application must be filed on a timely basis. Decline in value appeals  must be filed during the regular assessment filing period July 2 through  November 30, based on the market value of your property as of January 1  of the year in which you are filing.

Your property may have  been reassessed because of a change in ownership or completion of new  construction (Supplemental). You must file an “Application for Changed  Assessment” within 60 days of the mailing of the supplemental notice.

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1. Why would I file an Assessment Appeal?
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