What kind of benefits do County employees receive?

Once an applicant is hired as a probationary employee for a position with the County working at least 50%, the following benefits are available on the first day of the month following  the hire date of employment (assuming all necessary forms are completed).

  • CalPERS' suite of health insurance programs, including Blue Shield HMO plans, Blue Cross PPO plans,  Kaiser (for very limited residence addresses only), and specialty plans for peace officers
  • Dental Insurance through Delta Dental PPO Plan for the employee and family
  • Vision Insurance through VSP for employee and family
  • Voluntary contributions to pre-tax Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Basic and voluntary life insurance through Colonial Life Insurance Company for the employee and family
  • CalPERS defined benefit retirement plan for the employee
  • Employee Assistance Plan through Managed Health Network for employee and family
  • Choice deferred compensation plan (457 plan) through Nationwide
  • If an applicant is hired as a temporary, or hourly, employee, the applicant may be eligible to receive certain benefits

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