What ages do you treat?

We treat children from infancy to age 19 at the Children's System of Care.  We treat very young children by helping parents with parenting skills.  Children ages 3 to 7 are often treated with play therapy.  We treat children until the age of 19.  At the age of 19, you will be referred to Adult Behavioral Health.

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1. How do I get services at Nevada County Behavioral Health?
2. Where are you located?
3. Do you speak Spanish?
4. Will you take my insurance?
5. Where do I get drug treatment?
6. I am worried that my child is using drugs or is drinking alcohol. Can you help me with this?
7. What should I expect in my child's first appointment?
8. What ages do you treat?
9. How do I see a psychiatrist?
10. What buses can I take?
11. How do you handle confidentiality?