How long does the process take and how long will you work on a particular PRD formation effort?
Typically a PRD can be formed in 6 to 12 months. Typically assessments are collected in the first tax year after the PRD is formed. It can take anywhere from 6-12 months after a PRD is formed for funds to begin collecting in the PRD account. Since the County will only service the road with available funding in the PRD account, there can be an unmet expectation from the residents who assume the County will immediately assume perform maintenance activities on PRD roadways.

In some cases property owners may wish to temporarily increase their assessments (over a predetermined time period not to exceed 5 years) or deposit funds directly into a PRD account to advance needed road maintenance services. These options are available to property owners if needed and can be included in the Engineer’s Report and PRD approval process.

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1. Does the County solicit participation in the PRD Program?
2. Are the annual road maintenance costs fixed? How long before the estimates can change?
3. How is the greater than 50% threshold for signatures on the Petition for Permanent Road Division Formation determined?
4. If a threshold for signatures on the Petition is met, what is the process to have the PRD formed?
5. Where does the money come from to pay for road maintenance?
6. In the Engineer's Report and Cost Estimate Sheet you show administration cost. What kinds of things are included in that?
7. What can I do if I believe I do not benefit from the road maintenance work, or that my assigned benefit is too high?
8. Will the road be taken over permanently by the County, and become part of the County Maintained Road System?
9. Can property owners hire their own contractor after they form as a PRD?
10. What about liability on these roads?
11. Can our road(s) be gated?
12. What is the benefit of forming a PRD versus doing the work ourselves?
13. What are the negative aspects of forming a PRD?
14. What happens if several years after the PRD is formed, we’d like to get rid of it?
15. What happens if property owners split their parcels after the PRD is formed?
16. Should we consider creating a PRD Committee or Chairperson?
17. Do we need to maintain all the roads in our potential PRD?
18. How is it determined which roads in the potential PRD receive service?
19. How long does the process take and how long will you work on a particular PRD formation effort?
20. Who will manage the PRD?
21. What maintenance services are typically included in PRDs?
22. Do the PRD roads receive traffic violation enforcement?
23. What if I have more questions about the PRD process?