Who is responsible for the cost of burial or cremation?
The right to make decision concerning funeral and burial arrangement AND the responsibility to pay for these arrangement is outlined in California Health and Safety Code Section 7100.

These persons are:
- An agent acting under a power of attorney for health care
- The competent surviving spouse
- The County Coroner
- The majority of surviving competent adults in the next degree of kinship, (grandparents, aunts/ uncles, cousins)
- The majority of surviving competent children
- The majority of surviving competent siblings
- The Public Administrator, but only if the deceased’s estate has sufficient funds
- The surviving competent parent or parents

If the responsible party refuses to pay the reasonable expenses of disposition and the County steps in to pay, the County may collect up to three (3) times the expense incurred (Health & Safety code Section 7103(c)). For more information please call 530-265-1471.

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1. Who is responsible for the cost of burial or cremation?
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