Why is the County proposing a tax measure now?

In recent years, wildfires have become more frequent and more destructive, heat events have become increasingly common, and climate uncertainties mean more risk of droughts, floods, and extreme weather events like the snowstorm last December 2021.

The proposed “Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Services and Disaster Readiness” measure is responsive to the longstanding call from Nevada County residents that more must be done to protect our community. 

Over 65,000 residents are affiliated with a Firewise Community. These residents have taken individual action to clear defensible space around their homes, pack their “go bags,” sign up for CodeRED and much more. 

Now they are looking to the County to provide community-wide solutions to save lives, reduce the threat of wildfires, and improve all-hazards disaster readiness and evacuation safety. 

If voters approve this measure, we will have locally controlled funds to help us take on the challenges we face. 

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1. What is Ready Nevada County: Preparing for the Future all about?
2. What community priorities have we heard so far?
3. What public safety needs must be addressed?
4. What about illegal camping and campfires?
5. Why do you want my feedback?
6. Why is the County proposing a tax measure now?
7. Why is additional funding needed? Hasn’t Nevada County been successful in millions of dollars of grant and congressional funding for these projects in our community?
8. Why is the County trying to raise our taxes?
9. Why are you trying to raise taxes when inflation is already making it difficult to afford essentials like food and gas?
10. How will a ½ cent sales tax impact my budget?
11. Why can’t the County live within its means like the rest of us?
12. What kinds of projects and services would the tax measure fund?
13. How will you choose which projects to fund? Will the tax measure fund projects in my neighborhood?
14. How will residents know that tax funds are being used appropriately?
15. Why is the County proposing a general sales tax and not a special purpose parcel tax?
16. What has the County done to get input from stakeholders like the cities or town? Were fire officials involved in these conversations?
17. How has the County included residents in the conversation around emergency services priorities?