What are the requirements for enclosing a pool?

The pool shall be enclosed by one or a combination of one of the following: a fence, portion of a building, wall or other approved durable enclosure. Doors, openable windows, or gates of living quarters or associated private premises shall not be permitted as part of the pool enclosure. The enclosure, doors and gates shall meet all of the following specifications: 

 The enclosure shall have a minimum effective perpendicular height of 5 feet as measured from the outside. 

 Openings, holes or gaps in the enclosure, doors and/or gates shall not allow the passage of a 4-inch diameter sphere. The bottom of the enclosure shall be within 2-inches of the finished grade. 

 The enclosure shall be designed and constructed so that it cannot be readily climbed by small children. Horizontal and diagonal member designs, which might serve as a ladder for small children, are prohibited. Horizontal members shall be spaced at least 48-inches apart. Planters or other structures shall not be permitted to encroach upon the clear span area. Chain link may be used provided that the openings are not greater than 1 ¾ inches measured horizontally. 

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