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May 8th Board Meeting Preview

Board of Supervisors meetings take place every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. At the beginning of each meeting, the public can address the Board on items not appearing on the agenda, but are of public interest and are within the jurisdiction of the Board.

At Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting, the Board will be hearing a presentation regarding the Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative between the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC), Tahoe and El Dorado National Forest Services, the Tahoe Basin, and others, to develop new partnerships and ways of doing business, game changing strategies to leverage resources, and to increase the pace and scale of forest restoration by Mr. Jim Branham, Executive Officer of SNC.

Later, Behavioral Health will be bringing a resolution to the Board to proclaim May 2018 as “Mental Health Month” in Nevada County.

At 10:15 a.m. a public hearing is scheduled with Environmental Health to consider a resolution approving the adoption and implementation of the Local Area Management Plan (LAMP) and Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Policy, and afterwards to introduce, waive further reading, or adopt an ordinance amending Nevada County’s Land Use and Development Code pertaining to Onsite Sewage Disposal Standards and the previous resolution.

View the meeting agenda or watch Tuesday's Board meeting live or archived online from our website.

Photo of Mosquito on skin

Mosquito Season and Mosquito Fish Giveaways

Spring and summer bring great weather for outdoor activities, but this time of year also brings mosquitoes.  This past winter provided plenty of rainfall which created a multitude of breeding sites for mosquitoes, and a large mosquito population is expected this year. 

West Nile Virus (WNV) is a virus spread by infected mosquitoes, and has a higher activity rate during the summer and fall months. However, the mosquito that transmits Zika virus has not been detected in Nevada County, and it is different from mosquitoes that transmit WNV. Anyone can be bitten, but people who are 50 years in age or older, or who are immune-suppressed or living with a chronic health condition are at higher risk for severe illness and death.

It is important to protect yourself when outside and always practice the Three D's: DEET, dawn/dusk, and drain.

  • DEET: Apply insect repellent containing DEET, picaradin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535 according to label instructions.
  • Dawn/Dusk: The mosquitoes that transmit WNV bite in the early morning and evening, so it is important to wear proper clothing and repellent if outside during these times.
  • Drain: Mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water. Eliminate or drain all sources of standing water around homes and properties, including buckets, old car tires, rain gutters, birdbaths, and pet bowls.

Nevada County Environmental Health has Mosquito Fish Giveaways scheduled at the Eric Rood Administrative Center on May 24th and June 21st, and at the Nevada County Fairgrounds on May 10th and June 7th, all from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Mosquito fish can consume large quantities of insect larvae in a pond or other standing bodies of water. By reducing the mosquito population, residents can reduce the risk of contracting mosquito-borne diseases including WNV.

Please call Nevada County Environmental Health Department - Vector Control at (530) 265-1500 for more information on mosquito fish, general vector questions, and to report concerns with mosquito breeding sites, or find additional resources and information on WNV in California on the State's WNV website.

Lake of the Pines Evacuation and Emergency Alert Tabletop Exercises

Nevada County's Office of Emergency Services is partnering with Lake of the Pines, Lake Wildwood, and Alta Sierra Homeowners Associations (HOA's) to host two table-top exercises. The exercises are designed to share and gather strategies between local emergency response agencies and do not require public participation. Participating agencies and organizations will work together during a simulated emergency event on alert and warnings such as CodeRed emergency alerts, operational coordination of evacuations between first responders and HOA’s, and re-population of evacuated communities.

The first table-top exercise will be held at Lake of the Pines on May 8th, and the 
second table-top exercise will be held at Lake Wildwood on May 16th. In both exercises, participating agencies will focus on a wildfire incident occurring in the area.

For more information or any questions, please call Nevada County’s Office of Emergency Services at (530) 265-1515.

Regional Housing Authority for Sutter and Nevada counties logo

Supervisor Dan Miller re-named Chair of the Regional Housing Authority

The Regional Housing Authority, at their last meeting, re-named Supervisor Dan Miller to serve again as Chair for the Board of Commissioners.

Supervisor Miller has served on the Regional Housing Authority since 2015 as the representative for the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.

Gus Becerra, Executive Director of the Housing Authority stated, “Supervisor Miller brings energy and leadership to the Commission and his advocacy for affordable housing and understanding of our challenges is greatly appreciated by Housing Authority staff and Commission members.”

The Housing Authority is comprised of the Counties of Nevada, Sutter, Yuba and Colusa and Cities of Yuba City, Live Oak and Colusa.

The Housing Authority administers the Section 8 and Veterans Voucher Housing Program for the City of Grass Valley and Nevada County. They are also in the process of purchasing and constructing a low-income senior housing project in Penn Valley. The mission of the Housing Authority is “to enhance the community by creating and sustaining decent, safe and affordable living environments that foster stability and increase self-sufficiency for people with varied incomes."

CalFresh: Better Food for Better Living logo

CalFresh Awareness Month

CalFresh Awareness Month started in May of 2011, and is the official month dedicated to increasing public awareness of CalFresh. The State, counties and community based organizations are committed to bringing awareness, dispelling myths, and assisting clients with CalFresh applications.

The CalFresh Program is a federally funded program that helps low-income residents buy the nutritious food they need for good health.  The program helps to improve the health and well-being of qualified households and individuals by providing improved access to healthy and nutritious foods. Many residents are even unaware they are eligible to receive benefits. 

Apply for benefits:
Find more information about CalFresh in Nevada County on Nevada County’s Public Assistance webpage, or call your local County Public Assistance Office in Nevada City at (530) 265-1240, or in Truckee at (530) 582-7803. Residents can also apply for benefits online on the State’s C4Yourself website.

Participate in the "Imagine No Hunger" campaign:
The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and the California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) have partnered to fund the State's food banks and hunger relief programs by creating personalized John Lennon vehicle plates for their “Imagine No Hunger” campaign.  The use of John Lennon's self-portrait image was kindly authorized for use to help CDSS and CAFB in their ongoing fight to end hunger in California.

Voter's Choice CA: You choose when, where, and how to vote logo

Voter’s Choice Act and the Elections Administration Plan

Nevada County’s Elections Department is preparing for the implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) for the upcoming 2018 June and November Elections.

Under the Voter’s Choice Act, voters will have more choice on how, when, and where they vote. For the June and November elections in 2018, every registered voter in Nevada County will receive a vote-by-mail ballot regardless of having signed up for one. However, voters aren’t limited to just voting by mail; they will be able to drop off their ballots in one of the many secure drop-off locations throughout the county or vote in person. If a voter chooses to vote in person, he or she will no longer be limited to a single polling place on a single day. A voter may go to any vote center location throughout the county; two vote centers will be open ten days before the election and five, for a total of seven, vote centers will be open three days before the election through Election Day, including weekends.

The Elections Department now has their Election Administration Plan (EAP) available online, or available by written request at the Nevada County Elections office in the Eric Rood Administrative Center. The EAP outlines how the June and November elections will commence in Nevada County under the Voter’s Choice Act. It includes important voter information, such as when and where residents are able to vote at local Vote Centers or are able to drop off their ballot at the designated drop-off locations. The EAP was developed from months of planning, and input from community advocates and Nevada County voters.

International Code Council's Building Safety Month logo

Building Safety Month

May is Building Safety Month.  Building Safety Month was founded by the International Code Council to promote worldwide building safety and help individuals, families, and businesses understand what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures in our communities.  Every week of the month has a theme associated to building safety:

  • May 1st-5th: Partnering with Code Officials to Build Stronger, Safer Communities
  • May 6th-12th: Advancing Resilient Communities Through Science & Technology
  • May 13th-19th:  Protecting Communities From Disasters
  • May 20th-26th: Safeguarding Our Water
  • May 27th-31st: Improving Education & Training Standards for a Safer Tomorrow

The Nevada County Building Department is also hosting their third annual Building Fair from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 1st, at the Eric Rood Administrative Center to kick off Nevada County’s building season. The Building Fair is a free event that includes over forty vendors such as licensed contractors in multiple fields, architects, utility companies, building material suppliers, industry representatives, construction lenders, multiple city/county agencies and more.

For complete information about each week of Building Safety Month and international building trends, visit the International Code Council's website. For questions related to building and building safety in Nevada County, please contact the Nevada County Building Department at (530) 265-1222 or

Photo of Truckee Athlete Committed students presenting to Glenshire Elementary 5th graders

Public Health Partners to Provide Student Education on E-Cigarettes in Truckee

On April 30th, Tahoe-Truckee Unified School District's Athlete Committed leaders presented to Glenshire Elementary 5th graders about the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes. Athlete Committed is a partnership between the school district, Nevada County Public Health, and Truckee-Tahoe Future without Drug Dependence that promotes living a life of excellence without alcohol and other drugs, and focuses on youth athletes becoming school leaders.

Vaping and e-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat a liquid solution ("e-juice"). E-juice typically contains nicotine and turns into an aerosol that is inhaled, not into "vapor." E-cigarette devices can look like regular cigarettes or even writing pens, flash drives or toys, making them difficult to recognize and especially appealing to young people. Using an e-cigarette is commonly referred to as "vaping."

In their presentations, the Athlete Committed leaders cautioned about how popular vaping has become with youth and that vaping is dangerous and carries real health risks. Key concerns were that these products contain extremely high levels of nicotine. Nicotine addiction can impact adolescent brain development, and can cause asthma and other respiratory diseases. They explained there's no safe level of tobacco consumption, and it's very easy for teens to get interested and then hooked due the tobacco industry's deceptive marketing tactics with e-juice flavors such as bubblegum, cotton candy, and chocolate.

For more information contact Devin Bradley, Nevada County Public Health's Health Education Coordinator, at (530) 550-2309 or

Older Americans Month: Engage at Every Age logo

Older Americans Month: Engage at Every Age

Across the country, older Americans – a rapidly growing population – are taking part in activities that promote wellness and social connection. They are sharing their wisdom and experience with future generations, and they are giving back to enrich their communities. They're working and volunteering, mentoring and learning, and leading and engaging.

For 55 years, Older Americans Month (OAM) has been observed to recognize older Americans and their contributions to our communities. This year's OAM theme, "Engage at Every Age," emphasizes the importance of being active and involved, no matter where or when you are in life. You are never too old (or too young) to participate in activities that can enrich your physical, mental, and emotion well-being.

Visit Nevada County’s Adult Services website or Nevada County Adult Services Facebook page to learn more about Adult Service Programs, or call Tamaran Cook, Adult Services Program Manager, at (530) 265-1639.

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