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Screenshot of CSAC video on Nevada County's Over-the-Counter Wednesday Permit Program

Building Department's Over-the-Counter Program Highlighted by CSAC

Nevada County's Over-the-Counter Plan Review Program was created by the Nevada County Community Development Agency to transform the long, rigorous land-use project review process into an over-the-counter same-day service for processing eligible land-use permits.  What once may have taken several weeks from application to permit issuance may now be completed in a single appointment.

In 2017, the innovative program won a California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Challenge Award. To recognize the program, CSAC recently made a video highlighting why this program is one of the most innovative programs in California county government.

The major successes of the program include increased permitting activity by 10 percent, reduced project plan review costs by up to 60 percent for certain projects, and decreased time-frames from plan creation to project completion allowing businesses to open sooner and improve the local economy.

Watch the video on CSAC's website or find it on Nevada County's Facebook page.

Better Together logo

Better Together: Working with Community Partners

January continues to be a busy month for making progress to address homelessness in Nevada County. For regular updates visit Nevada County's Better Together web pages.

Nevada County's Annual Point-In-Time Count

Yesterday, on January 25th, Nevada County along with community partners held the annual Point-in-Time (PIT) count at the Salvation Army in Grass Valley. The PIT count aims to gather data on Nevada County's homeless population from a single night, and can be used when applying for State or federal funding through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Yesterday's event marked the first day of the count, which will continue to collect information from homeless individuals in Nevada County for 10 consecutive days, including upcoming food drives by the Interfaith Food Ministry.

Several County departments offered services at the event: Social Services helped attendees apply for CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and CalWORKs; Public Health provided optional flu shots, Hepatitis A shots, Tetanus shots, Pneumonia shots, and health tips; the Public Defender provided legal services onsite; and the Veterans Services Office met with homeless veterans to connect them with available services.

Thanks to the many community providers who came together to make the event possible, including Salvation Army for hosting the event at their facility. In addition, hot food was provided by Sierra Roots, bagged lunches and trained interviewers by Hospitality House, peer empowerment services  by SPIRIT Peer Empowerment Center, support and resources for victims of violence or assault by Community Beyond Violence, pet services by Pets In Need, veterans' services by Volunteers of America and Welcome Home Vets, haircuts by a local volunteer, and winter clothing by donations from the community.

Nevada County Service Providers start Coordinated Entry System

On January 23rd, Nevada County homeless service providers officially launched a "Coordinated Entry" system for people experiencing homelessness. This new system will assist participating housing providers to identify the most vulnerable individuals and families that would be eligible for housing services as resources become available.  Ultimately, Coordinated Entry could provide a big-picture view of the needs of those experiencing homelessness in Nevada County and allow service providers to apply for state and federal funding to improve services in our community.

In Nevada County, 211 Connecting Point is the access point for Coordinated Entry.  Anyone experiencing a housing crisis can call 2-1-1 (or 877-847-0499) and speak with a call specialist who will walk them through the Coordinated Entry questions and provide referrals for shelter, food, healthcare, and other services. 211 then enters the data into the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), which can be accessed only by designated organizations that provide housing services in Nevada County.

For more information please contact Brendan Phillips, Housing Resource Manager at or call (530)265-1725.

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Results for the Nevada County Citizen Survey

In the summer of 2017, Nevada County worked with National Research Center to conduct it's first National Citizen Survey (NCS). The NCS is designed to capture a data-based picture of residents' needs and perspectives using scientific survey methods and best practices. The survey covers resident opinions on community characteristics, governance, and participation, with additional policy questions added that are specific to Nevada County.

At Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting, the final results of the survey were presented to the Board by National Research Center's Vice-President Michelle Kobayashi.

Kobayashi said, "Citizen surveys are a tool that high performing jurisdictions use to bring the resident voice into government decision-making. By choosing to conduct the NCS, Nevada County has not only demonstrated the value it places on resident opinion but also its commitment to transparency and accountability. These are characteristics increasingly important for government organizations in this day and age. "The survey found that safety, natural environment, and the economy are the areas that are most important to Nevada County residents.  Generally, the survey found that Nevada County residents feel positively about the community and are engaged; residents value the economy, but identified some challenges; and respondents feel safe overall, but have concerns about wildfires and homelessness.
The NCS provided benchmark comparisons to over 115 similar communities. Compared to these jurisdictions, Nevada County received 19 higher ratings, 87 similar ratings, and 9 lower ratings.

Some of the highest rating were received in overall County Services, Sheriff and public libraries, while some of the lowest were seen in economic development, and code enforcement. The benchmark comparisons can help Nevada County identify the areas that we are excelling in and areas with room for growth.

 The survey received a high 32% response rate compared to other jurisdictions, with 545 returned responses of the 1,800 surveys distributed to Nevada County households. This high response rate gave the survey a 4% margin of error compared to the usual 5%.

Overall, the resident opinions found in the survey aligned with current Board Priorities, validating that the Board is in-tune with Nevada County residents and the needs of our community. For more information and to view the full report of the citizen survey, visit our website.

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Winter Weather Can Affect Your Trash Service

A snow storm or mudslide can cause daily collection routes for trash, recycling, or green waste to have unscheduled service delays. To improve service and provide better information during these events the County and Waste Management have developed a Delayed Service Contingency Plan which can be found on the County's Solid Waste webpage.

Additionally, you can call Waste Management at (855) 963-2273 to find out if your service is going to be interrupted during winter storm events. Waste Management also sends out email notifications of service delays and revised schedule for collection if they have an email associated with your account. To ensure you receive these notifications simply provide a current email address on your Waste Management account.

Nevada County Public Health: Prevent, Promote, Protect logo

Prevention Education by Lyman Gilmore Club Live

What do you get when you combine alcohol and other drug prevention with tobacco prevention, and throw in a pig lung or two? You would have a highly motivated group of Peer Educators sharing their knowledge of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs with their younger peers.

Last month, students from Lyman Gilmore Middle School's Club Live spent time with 4th grade students at Margaret Scotten Elementary School, some of whom will be attending school at Lyman Gilmore next year. These Peer Educators are a part of Nevada County Friday Night Live, a youth-focused alcohol and drug prevention program supported by Nevada County's Public Health Department and the Nevada County Superintendent of School's Tobacco Use and Prevention Education (TUPE) program.

The Peer Educators put together and implemented a series of demonstrations illustrating the impact of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Activities included an interactive ten question quiz; a roleplay to help illustrate strong negative responses to invitations to use; and, of course, the two sets of pig lungs that students were able to handle (with gloves) to show the health impact of heavy tobacco use.

The consensus of the group is that kids hear the message best from other kids. Several of the Peer Educators remember attending a similar outreach presentation by Nevada Union's Athlete Committed Club members, and felt it was important for them to pass on the knowledge they've gained to their younger peers as well.

For more information about Club Live, contact Lina Hjord from Nevada County Public Health at (530) 265-7018.

Photo of McCourtney Road Transfer Station

McCourtney Road Transfer Station Traffic Camera Update

The McCourtney Road Transfer Station traffic camera is back up and running after being down for maintenance and repair. Use our traffic webcam to view real-time traffic at the transfer station before you leave your house. 

The McCourtney Road Transfer Station is open Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Please keep in mind that the busiest traffic days at the transfer station are typically Wednesdays, Sundays, and around the holidays.

We encourage customers to utilize satellite recycling facilities whenever possible. please visit our recycling facilities map for more information about where you can take your recyclables (light bulbs, CRV beverage containers, mattresses, commingle, etc.).

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