Friday Memo, County of Nevada Website Redesign

Nevada County Launches New Website has a new look! Nevada County is proud to announce the launch of a newly redesigned website as of Wednesday, August 16th. The redesign has an intuitive user experience and will provide citizen's with easy access to the information they are looking for.

Designed with the user in mind, the new site includes updated navigation.  Access information on Nevada County's Board of Supervisors, the Transparency Portal with Budget Documents and Public Records, or the Nevada County Courts through the "Government" tab. Departments are easy to find and listed alphabetically under the "Department" tab.  Users can also navigate to information and services through the "Services," "Community," or "How Do I?" tabs and their subcategories.

From's new homepage, users can easily access information on property tax, find County job openings, submit a citizen service request, stay up to date with current County news, find upcoming events from Board Meetings to Gold Country Stage's Free Fare Days, and stay in touch with Nevada County's social media sites. The website includes improved functionality that increases our citizen's ability to interact with Nevada County departments through new features such as Notify Me, Ask Nevada County, and the Alert Center.
  • Notify Me: Allows users to sign up for updates via email or SMS when new agendas, news articles, bid postings, and calendar events are posted.
  • Ask Nevada County: Mobile app and online citizen service request system to submit anything from road maintenance to environmental health concerns to County staff.
  • Alert Center: Notifies users of important or urgent community information that is highly visible in a banner across the top of the website.
Nevada County partnered with CivicPlus, a cloud based solutions company that provides website design specifically for local governments, on the redesign of  CivicPlus has over 20 years of experience working with local government and has developed more than 2,000 government websites across the Country. Its content management system allows staff to quickly update our website and is designed to help reach more of our citizen's with every communication.

As of of Wednesday, August 16th, our new site replaced our old website and became available to the public. We look forward to providing an easy to use website to communicate and help us provide the best service possible to our community.

If you have any questions or would like to provide any feedback, please contact Nevada County's Information and General Services Department at

Do Your Thing On Eclipse Day August 21

Do Your Thing for the Sun During the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21st, California will experience a partial eclipse where around 76 percent of the suns normal rays will be blocked between 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. During the eclipse, California's ability to produce solar will be drop by 70 percent. During the solar eclipse, the California Independent System Operator (California ISO) will have to perform a second, smaller "ramp down and ramp up" of their natural gas-fired energy production, replicating their process during sunrise and sunset, to accommodate for the loss of solar energy without the sun's rays.

Typical solar generation is anywhere from 79 to 98 percent during the daylight hours. During Monday's solar eclipse, solar system generation is expected to decrease to 64 to 84 percent at the start of the eclipse and continue to drop to 15 to 37 percent at the height of the solar eclipse.  Solar system PV's will not produce as much energy and solar thermal systems will not heat as much water during the eclipse.

On August 21st, Energy Upgrade California, the State of California Energy Commission, the State of California Public Utilities Commission, and many of California's local governments, businesses, and organizations are encouraging everyone to take the pledge  to give the sun a break by replacing your light bulbs with LEDs, turn off the lights, not charging electronics during the eclipse, unplug appliances that aren't in use, and turn up the thermostat by a few degrees.  By taking the pledge and Doing Your Thing for the Sun, we can reduce impact on the grid and keep our system reliable, have cleaner air, and give our hard-working sun a break.

Assistant Clerk-Recorder is Certified as Elections/Registration Administrator

Sandra Sjoberg, Assistant Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters for Nevada County will be designated as a Certified Elections/Registration Administrator (CERA) in ceremonies conducted by the Election Center at The Hyatt Regency, Orange County, CA at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

The CERA/CERV designation is achieved only through a multi-year course of study conducted by The Election Center’s Professional Education Program and completion of twelve core courses taught by the Master's in Public Administration faculty of Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama) ranging from ethics, to voter registration and elections law, planning, communications, and voter participation. The intent of the program is to professionalize the management of voter registration and elections administration, and promoting and preserving public trust in the democratic process.

“This is the highest designation available to elections and voter registration officials,” said Tim Mattice, director of The Election Center. "This graduating class of 72 professionals takes us to 1,052 election officials and election vendors who have achieved the CERA/CERV status. This is an outstanding accomplishment.”

“Nevada County is indeed fortunate to have Sandra Sjoberg as one of the top designated professionals in America. Obtaining and maintaining CERA/CERV status means that she has committed to a career long process of continuing education to improve the electoral process in California and the nation,” he stated.

The Professional Education Program is sponsored by The Election Center, a non-profit association of voter registrars and elections administrators throughout America. Its membership is comprised of township, city, county and state elections officials and other election related corporations. The Center’s primary purpose is to educate local and state voter registrars and elections officials to promote and improve the democratic process. Professional Education Program participants receive continuing education credit from Auburn University as well as professional training credits from The Election Center.

Congratulations Sandra!

mPOWER Nevada County: Conserve Energy, Save Money

mPOWER June Report

The mPOWER program (Money for Property Owner Water and Energy Efficiency Retrofitting) has financed $492,589 and approved $718,715 in projects costs since it opened in Nevada County in late November. The program has received a total of 43 applications to date, an increase of 13 applications in Nevada County since April, with 37 residential applications and 6 commercial applications.  The program has created an estimated 10 contruction jobs; two thirds for solar PV improvements with the other 30% from HVAC and stove energy efficiency improvements.

Energy efficiency improvements that qualify for the mPOWER program may include a new furnace and air conditioner, energy efficient windows, or even a solar photovoltaic system. Water conservation improvements can also be financed with mPOWER and include measures like on-demand hot water heaters, smart irrigation controllers and high-efficiency toilets. mPOWER can finance up to 100% of the project costs with a fixed-interest rate and terms up to 20 years for many improvements. For applications and more information about mPOWER and PACE financing, visit the mPOWER webpage or call (866) 396-7693.

You can find more detailed information on mPOWER in Nevada County in mPOWER's June Report.
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