Apply for a Pesticide Permit

A pesticide permit legally referred to as an operator identification number, or Op-IDs allows a CEQA-equivalent review of proposed agricultural and commercial* pesticides. Op-IDs are issued by our office to persons desiring to apply pesticides in agricultural areas (agricultural production, parks, golf courses, cemeteries, rights-of-way). Op-IDs are only issued to the property operator or their authorized representative.

*Commercial use is determined by the label of the pesticide. Not all pesticide manufacturers give both home use and commercial rates on their labels. If you wish to purchase and use a pesticide that only has commercial use rates, you will be required to obtain an operator ID permit from the county before you can purchase that pesticide, even if you are making the application in private, personal use situations.

For information about, or to schedule an appointment for, obtaining a permit, please call 530-470-2690. All new permits will be required to submit an Operator Identification Number Application (PDF). If you are not the landowner, you will need to also complete the Letter of Authorization.

New! Apply Online for new Pesticide Permits

You can now apply online for an operator identification number, aka pesticide permit using our online form. Once submitted, we will reach out to you to set up an online appointment.

Other types of permits/registrations

If you are a maintenance gardener and use herbicides or any other type of pesticides, including those for rodent or ant control, you are required to become licensed by the Department of Pesticide Regulation. Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Certification information is available online.

If using a restricted material for the commercial production of an agricultural commodity, including nurseries, vineyards, and timber, you will also be required to have either a Qualified Applicator Certificate or Qualified Applicator License (QAC/QAL) from the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), or a Private Applicator Certificate from our department to be eligible for a restricted material permit.