Recreational Trails Master Plan

The Nevada County Planning Department developed this Plan to guide the review of discretionary projects for new development proposals in Western Nevada County.  This plan is intended to be a tool for the Planning Department and decision-makers to work with developers to provide recreational trails consistent with a regional system.  This plan also provides a framework for other trail related organizations in Western Nevada County to enhance trail opportunities and become more competitive for grant funding.  The primary components of the Plan include: (1) a map depicting existing trails and identifying gaps in the regional trail system; (2) goals and policies developed through collaboration and public involvement; (3) design guidelines for trail development;, and (4) programs to implement the regional trail system. A copy of the Western Nevada County Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Master Plan ("Recreational Trails Master Plan") adopted on September 21, 2010 and other related documents is available for review and downloading.

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