Filing Claims Against the County

Claims against the County of Nevada must be filed with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. The claim form can be mailed in or brought to the Board of Supervisors' office:

Eric Rood Administrative Center
950 Maidu Avenue, Suite 200
Nevada City, CA 95959

Required Information

Information regarding the claim must include:
  1. The date place and circumstances of the occurrence or transaction giving rise to the claim
  2. A general description of the indebtedness, obligation, injury, damage or loss incurred to the extent it may be known at the time of presentation of the claim
  3. A general description of the legal basis for county liability, and the date of discovery of county responsibility
  4. The name or names of the public employee(s) causing the injury, damage, or loss if known
You must also include the amount claimed as of the date of presentation of the claim, including the estimated amount of any prospective injury, damage, or loss, insofar as it may be known at the time of the presentation of the claim. The basis of the computation of the amount claimed should also be included.


The Claims Against County of Nevada form must be used when filing a claim against the County with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.

Document Notice

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