Cost & Payment

The elections official shall determine the amount of deposit necessary to cover costs of the recount for each day. (E.C. 15624)

The voter filing the request for recount must deposit, before the recount commences and at the beginning of each day following, such sums as required by the election official to cover the cost of the recount for that day. (E.C. 15624) If upon completion of the recount the results are reversed, the deposit shall be returned. (E.C. 15624)

Cost Breakdown for Manual Tally

  • 1 Board $300 – Supervisor Pay $325 – Cost per day $625
  • 2 Boards $600 – Supervisor Pay $500 – Cost per day $1100
  • 3 Boards $900 – Supervisor Pay $675 – Cost per day $1575

Computer Recount

Computer recount cost is $200 per hour.