Certificates & Vital Records

The Nevada County Vital Records office registers births and deaths in Nevada County, and issues burial permits and medical marijuana ID cards. The office also issues birth and death certificates, but only for births and deaths that occurred in Nevada County during the current year and during the immediate past year. Copies of certificates for births and deaths in Nevada County prior to that time can be obtained at the Nevada County Clerk-Recorder Office

For births and deaths that occurred outside of Nevada County, please contact the county or state where the event occurred. For California, contact California Office of Vital Records. 

Our Services

Birth and Death Certificates

  • For records older than last year, contact the Nevada County Clerk-Recorder. 
  • We only provide birth and death records for the current year and one year prior. 
  • We only provide these records for births and deaths that occurred in Nevada County, California. 

Other services

  • Register home births
  • Provide assistance to persons who wish to amend birth or death records
  • Issue Medical Marijuana Identification Cards
  1. Fees and Payment
  2. Home Births
  3. Birth Certificates
  4. Death Certificates
  5. For Funeral Homes and Mortuaries
  6. Medical Marijuana Cards
  7. Confidential Medical Information

Birth and Death Certificate Fees

  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate: $29    
  • Certified copy of Death Certificate: $24 
  • Certified copy of Fetal Death Certificate: $20  
  • Disposition of Human Remains (Burial Permit): $12

Medical Marijuana Card Fees

  • Patient card, primary caregiver card, replacement card, or renewal card: $100
  • Medi-Cal participants are eligible for a 50% reduction in fees
  • CMSP participants are eligible to have the fee waived


  • In-person payments can be made in person by check, credit card or cash. There is a $2 or 2.4% processing fee for using a credit card. Make your check payable to Nevada County Vital Records. 
  • Mail-in payments can be made by check only. Include completed application with payment (see tabs below for applicable forms). Make your check payable to Nevada County Vital Records. 
    • Send your mail-in application and payment to:
      Nevada County Vital Records
      500 Crown Point Circle, Ste. 110
      Grass Valley, CA  95945