Teens Talk to Family

Talking to Your Family

Sometimes talking with your own family about personal matters feels difficult and embarrassing. You don't want them to know how your body is changing, or that your emotions are so strong, much less show that you don't even understand it yourself.

Remember that your parents, or your favorite aunt or grandpa, was a teenager once too, and more often than not they will understand your confusion.

Parents and close adult relatives are important sources of up to date information, and also want to be involved in your big life decisions. Besides, every family has its own "culture", and they want to make sure you understand what is important to them, and how they want you to be a healthy and happy participant of this family.


Use websites and other experts too, but include the adults who love you in your search for clarity and information. Websites like Teen Source, Kids Health and others can help you figure out how to talk to your family.

Some of them also have information sites for the parents themselves, so you can point them to information you want them to have, too.