Supervisor District 2

District 2 includes the communities of Alta Sierra, Lake of the Pines, and the unincorporated areas along Highway 49.

Supervisor Ed Scofield

District 2 is represented by Supervisor Ed Scofield, who started his fourth four-year term as supervisor in January 2021. Ed was elected to serve his first term from 2009 to 2012. He served as vice chair in 2010 and chair in 2011. In 2012, Supervisor Scofield was elected to another four-year term and served as chair again in 2015. In 2017, he was elected for another four-year term through 2020 and was selected to serve as the vice chair. Ed served as vice chair once again in 2022 and is serving as chair in 2023.

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Supervisor Scofield's Priorities

Each year, the Board of Supervisors adopts a set of objectives to guide county operations, programs, and services. Learn more about Supervisor Scofield's work on these and other priorities below.

Greater Higgins Area Plan

Greater Higgins Area PlanThe Area Plan will provide objectives and recommendations to guide the area’s future development, access to housing, community character, and recreational opportunities. The Plan focuses on areas where future development can be focused and which may have potential for more compact residential and commercial development.

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  • Greater Higgins Area Plan website
  • I helped secure approval of new Holiday Market at Higgins Corner and improvements to Combie Road.
  • I continue to advocate for and support priorities on Combie Road, including a sidewalk.
  • I have accomplished a lot through the Highway 49 Safety Committee on the Nevada County Transportation Commission, including advocating for the Highway 49 Corridor Improvement Project and advancing many of the smaller projects that have taken place on Highway 49 in the northern end of my district.

Emergency Preparedness

Ready Nevada County logoLead the community in all-hazards planning, preparedness, response, and recovery with a focus on wildfire; engage residents in emergency preparedness; create more defensible space around properties and roadways; and mitigate the impact of Public Safety Power Shutoff events.

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  • I supported the South County Shaded Fuel Break between Alta Sierra and Lake of the Pines.
  • I have participated in many community meetings on defensible space and emergency evacuation routes.
  • I supported the fire drill exercises that were conducted in Alta Sierra and Lake of the Pines in 2018 and 2019.

Cannabis Control and Regulations

Cannabis Control and RegulationsWork in partnership with the community to permit and maintain a safe and environmentally responsible cannabis industry. Cannabis Policy & Compliance helps maintain and improve the quality of the community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of cannabis codes and ordinances enacted by the board of supervisors.

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  • My focus continues to be on the need for increased enforcement.
  • I support making the permit process as flexible and easy as possible, as well as permitting other aspects of the cannabis industry (aside from cultivation - e.g., distribution) that may have less impact on neighbors.
  • I am very concerned about illegal grows and the impacts they have on neighbors.

Broadband Access

Board ObjectivesEquitably expand broadband to support economic development, distance-learning, telework, telemedicine, and general quality of life for all residents by championing the implementation of Nevada County Broadband Strategy Plan policies and last-mile infrastructure projects.

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  • I addressed the 12/16/21 California Public Utilities Commission in support of two Nevada County broadband projects, which ended up being approved and receiving over $8 million in state funding! These two projects will bring internet to 527 households in our county.
  • I support finding ways to create or encourage provider competition so that customers have a choice.
  • Read our Nevada County Broadband Strategy 

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