Financial Disclosure Resources

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FFPC) requires candidates to submit specific campaign disclosure forms to the Elections Office before and after an election. Before each election we will post a schedule of when forms are due before and after that specific election. Please visit the FPPC website for more information and for questions about your campaign.

Filing Schedules

To find more filing schedules not listed here, please visit

FPPC Forms

All campaign forms can be found on the FPPC website:

Some of the most common forms that candidates use when running for local office include:

  • Form 410 (Statement of Organization Recipient Committee) 
  • Form 460 (Recipient Committee Campaign Statement)
  • Form 470 (Officeholder/Candidate Campaign Statement-Short Form and Form 470 Supplement)
  • Form 496 (24-hour/10-day Independent Expenditure Report)
  • Form 497 (24-hour/10-day Contribution Report)
  • Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement)
  • Form 700 (Statement of Economic Interests (and Amendment Schedules))

FPPC Manuals

The campaign disclosure and lobbying manuals are prepared by the FPPC to assist candidates, committees and lobbyists in complying with the Act’s numerous and often detailed rules. The manuals are written in a “user friendly” format and contain several examples, FAQs and Quick Tips. If a committee’s or lobbyist’s activity raises issues not discussed in the applicable manual, contact the FPPC for assistance. 

All campaign and lobbying manuals can be found on the FPPC website:

Don't Forget!

When you file your campaign disclosure forms in Nevada County, you must do so electronically. Please bring us your Form 501 and a copy of your Form 410 so we can set up your Netfile account.