Reporting Animal Bites

Animals often bite in response to being afraid or hurt. If you find a sick or injured animal, avoid handling the animal, especially with bare hands, and call animal control.

Animal Control Phone Numbers

  • Grass Valley - within city limits: 530 477-4630
  • Nevada County - unincorporated: 530 265-1471
  • Town of Truckee: 530 582-7830​, ext. 5


Healthcare facility personnel are required to report all incidents of animal bites to the Nevada County Public Health Department and One of the appropriate Animal Control Facilities.
Download the Report of Animal Bite (PDF).


Complete the Report of Animal Bite form and fax to:
  1. Nevada County Public Health Department Fax: 530-271-0836
  2. And fax to one of the following appropriate Animal Control Facilities:
    1. Grass Valley City Animal Control Fax: 530-477-6274
    2. Nevada County Animal Control Fax: 530-470-0439
    3. Truckee Animal Control Fax: 530-582-7771