Adult Drug Court

Adult Drug Court (ADC) is a collaborative treatment court. Entry is for those people who are residents of Nevada County who are facing felony charges.

Criteria Eligibility

The criteria for eligibility into ADC are:
  • You must be a resident of Nevada County;
  • You must be willing to plead guilty to a felony charge or violation of felony probation for which a term of imprisonment will be imposed and execution suspended;
  •  Do not have any current or prior felony convictions for which the judge does not have discretion to grant probation;
  •  You must be willing to commit to a program length of at least 12 to 24 months with post-program completion probation supervision of 12 to 24 months;
  •  You must not have any other unresolved felony criminal charges here or in other jurisdictions.
  • You must not currently be subject to registration pursuant to Penal Code Section 290.
  • You must not have a history of excessive violence.
  • You must be willing to submit to assessments by both the Probation Department and the Behavioral Health Department, as well as any other assessments that the court orders;

Applying for the Adult Drug Court

In order to apply to ADC, a defendant must fill out an application and release of information. The ADC Manual. has information about the program.  Once you have filled out the application and release of information, submit them to the court.  The court will distribute the documents to the ADC team.  The DA will screen the defendant for eligibility. If the DA finds the defendant eligible, then the Probation Department and Behavioral Health department will do assessments to determine if the defendant meets the remaining criteria.  Every defendant applying for ADC should review the Participant Handbook prior to submitting their application.