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To contact the Public Defender’s Office, please call at (530) 265-1400 or email  Our office continues to be open.  For clients who are out of custody, we ask that you call or email if you need to speak to someone in the office. If you do not have access to either phone or email, please do come to our office.  If your loved one is in custody and they would like to speak to their attorney, please have them call us from the jail.  The call is free.  If you are wondering what is going to happen with your next court date, please call or email our office to find out.  

Keri Klein, Public Defender

About Our Services

We represent indigent clients, both adults and juveniles who have been charged with a criminal offense. In addition, we provide legal representation for people involved in civil conservatorships and Assisted Outpatient Treatment (Laura's Law/AOT). We care about our community and partner with others who are working to combat those conditions which foster an environment for crime. 

We strive to provide the services our clients deserve but cannot afford. We deliver these services without judgement, in a client-centered fashion through a team of highly motivated, well trained professionals. We help clients identify their needs and seek to provide seamless delivery of services designed to address the causes and consequences of their involvement with the criminal justice system.

Mission Statement

Public defenders stand alone, armed only with their wits, training and dedication. Inspired by their clients' hope, faith and trust, they are the warriors and valkyries of those desperately in need of a champion. Public Defenders, by protecting the downtrodden and the poor, shield against infringement of our protections and, in reality, protect us all.
- Hightower v. State, 592 So.2nd 689 (Fla. 3rd DCA 1991)

Statement of Racial Equity

 The Nevada County Public Defender’s Office is committed to fighting for justice for our clients and seeking systemic change to address inequities and unfairness within the criminal law system.  Beyond the criminal system, we strive to recognize the pain and anger of our Black colleagues, friends and community members.  We strive to combat the societal obstacles to true equality.  We are also committed to personal and collective growth by listening to the voices of people of color and humbly examining our own behavior, beliefs and language to ensure that we are not merely pointing to others, but also seeking to be part of the solution ourselves.  Moving forward, we invite anyone who wants to contribute to our conversation on these matters to contact us at 

Both collectively and individually, the employees of the Nevada County Public Defender’s Office are devoted to the truth that Black Lives Matter.

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