Payment of Services

Accepted Payments

Most people qualify for reduced fees or have access to insurance or other benefits that will cover part or all of our fees. Nevada County Behavioral Health accepts Medi-Cal, Medicare, Healthy Families, CMSP and other insurance for our services.

Sliding Scale

If you do not qualify for insurance, you will be expected to pay for part of the costs of treatment received based on your financial circumstances. This is determined by the State of California sliding scale known as the Uniform Patient Fee Schedule used by all county Behavioral Health clinics. This is often a small cost and for hardship cases the County can create a monthly payment plan.

In addition, the consumer pays one fee for all services provided to them and their family members. For example, an individual receiving an income of $569 or less per month, pays a total of $37 for one year of services, regardless of how many services are needed.