Housing, Residential & Homeless Services

Adult Behavioral Health currently supports individuals with housing through a variety of housing programs.  Our housing programs offer varying levels of support, tailored to meet the needs of the individuals.  These programs are designed to support people to maintain their housing by providing supportive services geared toward self-sufficiency.  Services may include budget management services, independent living skills training, substance abuse education and treatment, assistance with problem solving and interpersonal skills, psychiatric services, medication support, assistance in obtaining and maintaining benefits and entitlements - including social security income, linkage to education and employment resources, linkage to community resources and activities, individual and group therapy, and linkage to transportation resources.

The different levels of housing support available include residential programs, which provide 24/7 support and the most intensive level of services.  The next level of support is housing individuals via master leases and HUD vouchers - for chronically homeless individuals with mental health disabilities.  Master leases involve a non-profit agency holding the lease and then sub-leasing to the individual housing program clients.  We currently support over 50 individuals with HUD vouchers and master leases.  The next level of support involves supporting clients who hold the lease in their own name.  These clients are supported with targeted case management services designed to maintain housing and independent living.  For more information and eligibility criteria, please contact the Behavioral Health Department.     

Odyssey House

Odyssey House is the Adult Residential Program where 24 hour support is provided to established Behavioral Health clients needing this level of care. Staff actively assist clients in the completion of chores, daily activities, and medication adherence. Individual counseling and group therapy are also provided. Most clients require close to a year of services to learn the skills necessary to transition to independent living.

Prospective clients interested in Odyssey House can contact the main Behavioral Health line at (530) 265-1437 and ask for the Intake worker. Current Behavioral Health clients can discuss this level of support with their Clinician and/or Service Coordinator.

Supportive Independent Living Housing

Service Coordinators support clients with weekly monitoring for the completion of meal planning, cleaning, repairs, and other areas, with the clients sharing all expenses. A special arrangement with the landlord allows some clients with very poor rental history to still access housing.

Catherine Lane House

This is a highly Supported Independent Living House for those Behavioral Health or Turning Point clients who need daily, and sometimes hourly, support to live successfully in the community. Staff are available 24 hours a day to assist clients in structuring daily activities, being available for counseling, and providing other necessary support, when it is needed.

The house has six residents, who live there on a long-term basis. Often a client moves to Catherine Lane following success in a higher level of care, such as the Odyssey House Adult Residential Program.