Nevada County Evacuation Study

Why Study Evacuation Routes in Nevada County?

Nevada County has unique challenges when it comes to evacuation which is why CAL FIRE granted $135,422 to develop an Evacuation Study. With this study Nevada County intends to pair local technical expertise with wildfire behavior and traffic modeling. The goal is to identify and prioritize feasible evacuation route improvement projects. 

Calling All Firewise Communities!

Evacuation Study Community Form Opens in new windowHelp inform the Evacuation Study by sharing the primary evacuation constraints and concerns in your community. Please complete one form per community. The form may be submitted to OES by email with "Evacuation Study Community Form" in the subject line.

Study Components

Appendix A

The Evacuation Study will consist of three parts – two appendices and the "study" itself. Appendix A of this study will consist of community-driven concerns. This Appendix will document the input that OES and the Department of Public Works receives from community members of the evacuation opportunities and constraints faced. These community concerns will help inform the development of future grants and represent key areas of concern for the community.

Appendix B

Appendix B of the study will consist of wildfire and traffic modeling analysis by Ladris. They will model and rank a range of scenarios across the County to identify areas of greatest concern.

Evacuation Study

The Study itself will utilize  behavior and traffic analyses of the top five highest priority areas which are the outcomes of the Ladris analysis. These scenarios will be analyzed by a licensed traffic engineer and certified Fire Behavior Analyst and the outcome will be identification of defensible projects that may be put forward as projects for future funding. Down the road, after the top five projects are implemented, the two appendices will be revisited and another round of in-depth analysis conducted to identify additional priority projects.

Community Evacuation Study Tool

Community Evacuation Study Tool Opens in new window

Click on the map to use the Community Evacuation Study Tool. Use this tool to explore Firewise Community boundaries alongside Nevada County's evacuation zones. Use the Search Bar to search by address, Firewise Community Name or Evacuation Zone ID.

PLEASE NOTE: Evacuation Zone data is not live, and is displayed as a reference only. For current evacuation information, please visit Genasys Protect (formerly Zonehaven)

Use the Layer List Widget to turn on and off data layers of Firewise Communities and Evacuation Zones. Click on a Firewise Community feature to see which evacuation zones intersect the community boundary. 

Use the Draw widget to create map sketches and measure distances or areas. 

Use the Print Widget to export a .pdf file of the map.