Reader Fire

Reader Fire 

UPDATED 08/18/23 11:55 am 

Multiple spot fires caused the Reader Fire incident on 8/17/2023 before 6:30 pm in the area of Reader Ranch Road near North San Juan off of Hwy 49. Forward progress was quickly stopped and the evacuation orders for two zones, NCO-E331 and NCO-E330 were lifted by 7:15p.m.  

As of Thursday night, the cause of the fire was not known.

  • None at this time
  • None at this time. 

Temporary Evacuation Points 

Gathering location for those who have been evacuated.

  • None at this time. 

Animal Evacuation Centers

Location to temporarily house large and small animals during an evacuation.

  • None at this time.  

Repopulation Zones

  • NCO-E331
  • NCO-E330

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