Road Maintenance

Road Work Ahead

The Road Maintenance Division is responsible to protect, repair and maintain Nevada County's road system infrastructure, which includes, but is not limited to, snow removal, storm damage response, vegetation management, drainage and shoulder maintenance, bridge maintenance, and surface preservation.

Quick Tips during Inclement Weather 

  • Even with clean and clear culverts, some weather systems produce more water flow than our drainage system can handle.  Overflowing creeks and ponds may contribute to these overflows.  Be prepared with sandbags.  The County offers free sand and sandbags.   Don't ignore warnings posted for Flood Watches and notices of Potential Flooding for your area.  Visit the OES site for more information on these resources. 
  • The Road Maintenance Division does not clean out culverts under private driveways.  Cleanout is the responsibility of the property owner.  Add this to your list of fall preparations when you clean out your gutters and maintain during periods of heavy rainfall. 
  • Downed trees on County Maintained roads can be called into the main Public Works line (530) 265-1411 from 7:00 am -4:00 pm or to the Sheriffs Dispatch Center after hours, weekends and holidays. 
  •  Trees that have fallen into power and utility lines must be reported to PG & E or the utility service. The Roads Maintenance Division cannot remove trees within power lines
  • Private Parties should not run snowplows on County-Maintained roads at any time.  For more on Snow Plowing and Living in Snow Country refer to our pages on those subjects. 
  •  Do not try to pass on roads that are flooded.  The Roads Maintenance Division will dispatch and place road closure and flooded signs as quickly as possible.  If no sign is in place, it does not mean that the situation is safe.  Remember: TURN AROUND AND DON'T DROWN.  

Requesting Road Maintenance

To request road maintenance your options are as follows:

Report Dead Animals

The County currently contracts with a private provider for the removal of dead animal carcasses. To report a dead animal on County Maintained Roads call the "Dead Animal Hotline" at 530-575-1985.  

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