Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund

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About the Program

The Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund (OVSF) was established to fund projects or programs that respond to the negative economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and promote health and safety at highly impacted outdoor recreation destinations. 

Nevada County recognizes the connection between the economic resilience of our community, the health of ecosystems, tourism, and outdoor recreation, and the timely opportunity to support community health, safety, economy, environment, and resilience. Nevada County experienced a significant increase in visitation to outdoor recreation destinations during the pandemic.  Without appropriate infrastructure, this increased visitation strains local resources, creating environmental and safety issues at lakes, river crossings, trails, and similar outdoor recreation destinations. 

Specifically, this project addresses the unmet need(s) at outdoor recreation sites to promote community health and safety, economic development, and resilience; and further the American Rescue Plan of America (ARPA) priority of “2.22: Strong Healthy Communities: Neighborhood Features that Promote Health and Safety”.

Funding Sources

The OVSF grant program provides up to $850,000 in one-time grants to eligible entities, including nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses, and special-purpose districts. 

  • The “Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund Grant” program, as presented to the Board at its January 2022 Retreat, is funded by $400,000 from the General Fund and $450,000 from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.
  • The first round of funding through ARPA resulted in  9 awards and $415,570 given to local organizations to affect change in Eastern and Western Nevada County. Learn more about those projects below. 
  • The second round of funding through ARPA and General Fund dollars resulted in 8 awards and $388,840 given to local organizations to affect change in Eastern and Western Nevada County. Learn more about those projects below. 

How Funds Can Be Spent

The County sought proposals to the Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund for high-impact projects or programs that can be implemented in 2023 and/or 2024.  Outdoor Visitor Safety Map with 17 Programs and Projects to improve access, health, & safety count

  • Proposals must address unmet needs at outdoor recreation sites and promote public health and public safety; and should support economic development, enhance equitable access, promote environmental sustainability, address climate change adaptation, and promote resilience.  
  • Competitive proposals should be collaborative, highly leveraged, and “shovel-ready” for either the 2023 and/or 2024 recreation seasons. 

Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund Round 2 Proposals and Awards Process

Request for Applications Open to Public, visit Purchasing  website - scroll to OPEN bids sectionCompleted, due 3/15/2023
Application Technical Assistance Call February 10 & February 17 Completed
Review ApplicationsCompleted
Award ApplicationsBoard to review and approve 8/8/2023
Funds DistributedMid-September
Project completionDecember 31, 2026

Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund Round 1 & 2 Proposals, Awards, Maps, and Reports

  1. OVSF Round 2 Proposals & Awards
  2. OVSF Round 2 Map
  3. OVSF Round 1 Proposals & Awards
  4. OVSF Round 1 Reports
  5. OVSF Round 1 Map
Outdoor Visitor Safety Fund 2nd Round Grants
Project Title
Funding Awarded for Project
Additional Information on Project
Bear Yuba Land Trust: Trail Stewardship and Outreach Program
COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 23-4130 (legistar.com)
Nevada County Consolidated Fire: Station 82 – Pioneer Trailhead
COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 23-4129 (legistar.com)
Sierra Gold Parks Foundation: Yuba River Enhancement Project
COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 23-4137 (legistar.com)
South Yuba River Citizens League: Van Norden Meadow Trailhead Development
COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 23-4131 (legistar.com)
South Yuba River Citizens League: River Ambassadors
COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 23-4136 (legistar.com)
Truckee Dirt Union: Truckee Community Trails Stewardship Program
COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 23-4132 (legistar.com)
Truckee Trails Foundation: Visitor Safety & Environmental Hazard Prevention
COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 23-4134 (legistar.com)
Truckee Watershed Council: Euer Valley Sustainable Recreation and Habitat Protection Project
Total Funding in Round 2: