Public Comment Guide

Welcome Guide to Public Comment

Welcome to the County of Nevada. We highly value your input and encourage members of the public to participate in local governance by commenting on items of importance to the County and the public. The Board of Supervisors and the County’s commissions and committees are required to follow certain procedures when conducting meetings. This guide has been developed to help make this process as straightforward as possible. 

How to Provide Public Comment?  

Public comment is heard separately for each item on the agenda. For topics NOT on the agenda, public comment is allowed during the general public comment period during regular meetings. Comments should be limited to topics that are within the County’s jurisdiction or purview. 

Check the agenda to know when to make your comments. Copies of the agenda, printed on blue paper, are located in the Rood Center lobby or online at

  • Items NOT on the Agenda: The chair will ask for public comments for any item not on the agenda, but within the County’s jurisdiction or purview. 
  • Consent Agenda: Express your desire to comment at the introduction of the consent agenda when the chair calls for comments. The consent agenda is a group of items that are assumed to be routine and non-controversial. They are all voted on as one item. An item on this agenda is only discussed separately at the request of a board member. 
  • Items on the Agenda: The chair will ask for comments after completing the presentation on that item.

You can make public comment in the following ways:

  • In-Person: Wait in line and come to the designated podium when the chair calls for public comments.
  • By Phone (During a Meeting): Call 530-270-3474
  • Written Comments (must be received by 4 PM the day before the meeting):
    • E-Comment: This online tool is available once the agenda is posted.  
    • Email the Board:
    • Send a Letter: Clerk of the Board, 950 Maidu Avenue, Ste. 200, Nevada City, CA 95959 

Meeting Order and Decorum Tips:

  1. Double-check the agenda to know when to make your comment.
  2. Please adhere to public health guidelines for the safety of other members of the public and county staff. 
  3. It is helpful, but not required, to provide your name and supervisorial district to help the board best serve you. 
  4. General public comment is your time to share your thoughts/concerns/questions. The board is not permitted to discuss anything not listed on the agenda; therefore, the board cannot engage in discussion during general public comment.
  5. Only address the board from the podium or other designated location.
  6. Direct questions or comments to the chair and not to staff, other presenters, or other individuals. 
  7. Limit your comment to the time established by the chair.
  8. You may not yield your time to another speaker and you may only comment once per item
  9. Show respect. Threats, intimidation, disparaging or disrespectful remarks, yelling, cheering, applause, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and are grounds for an emergency recess, removal from a meeting, or even a civil citation. 
  10. CA Penal Code 403 states, “Every person who, without authority of law, willfully disturbs or breaks up any assembly or meeting that is not unlawful in its character…is guilty of a misdemeanor.”
  11. The chair leads the meeting and maintains the right to modify the agenda order, direct staff or call for recess. Please help the chair ensure the public’s opportunity to participate fully.

Thank you for participating and providing your input. Questions or comments on public comment or board meeting process can be directed to the clerk of the board at or by calling 530-265-1480. 

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