Rate Study Time Line

A lot goes into preparing for a proposed utility rate increase and that preparation begins far in advance of the Public Hearing. Documented are a few key tasks that have taken place to ensure the Sanitation District is meeting all of the guidelines under Proposition 218 and providing sufficient justification and documentation for the increase. 

  • January 28, 2020 - Rate Study request approved by Board of Supervisors
  • March 17, 2020 - Project kickoff with Consultant
  • July 13, 2020 - Draft Model presented including COVID impacts
  • October 8, 2020 - Consolidation scenario's presented
  • January 4, 2021 - Updated draft Model presented for comment and review
  • January 22, 2021 - Updated draft model presented for comment and review
  • April 6, 2021 - Updated ear Final Draft Rate Study presented for final review and comment. 
  • April 8, 2021 - Rate Study Findings reported to Sanitation District Advisory Commission (SDAC) Members
  • April 15, 2021 
    • Prop 218 Notice drafted and sent to Clerk of the Board for review and approval and Request Dated of Public Hearing. 
    • Confirmed Tax Roll Deadlines for Auditors Office
    • File Request to go to OEC
    • Begin preparing Community outreach materials
    • Schedule Date for mailing 218 Notices
  • April 30, 2021- Launch Community Outreach materials via a variety of sources - 218 Mailings, NCSD Web Site, County News letter, Next Door.  
  • June 22, 2021 - Public Hearing 

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Nevada County Sanitation District Zone Maps

Unsure if you are connected into one of the Sanitation District Zones? Our District Map below shows the location of each zone within the County boundaries.  Once you have located your general area, click on the link that takes you to our Zone Map Web Page where you will find a detailed street map of each individual zone.