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Getting Vaccinated

For Individuals

Vaccines are available for anyone 5 years and older. Find a COVID-19 vaccine appointment that works for you at or call 1-833-422-4255.

For Businesses

Business owners can request onsite or offsite COVID-19 vaccinations for their staff. Our Public Health REACH Team will come to your location or coordinate a group appointment at a Public Health clinic. Complete our COVID Vaccine Business Inquiry Form to get started.

Access Your Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record

You can now access your COVID-19 vaccination record from the state’s immunization registry system using the State's new Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record tool.

  1. Find a Vaccine Provider

Find a Vaccine Provider

Below is a list of vaccination providers in Nevada County.

Everyone 5 and older is eligible for vaccination. There is no charge for vaccinations, but if you are insured, have your policy information ready when you sign up.

  • Vaccinations for 5-11 year olds: More information on the approval of vaccines for 5-11 year olds in California. 
  • Booster Information: Any Californian 12 years or older can decide to get a booster (Pfizer boosters only for 12-17). More information at the California Department of Public Health. Contact your doctor if you have questions about if a booster is right for you.
  • Second Booster Information: Individuals 50 years of age and older are now eligible for second booster doses of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. More information at the California Department of Public Health
  • "Additional dose"  or "third dose" for severely immune compromised people are approved for individuals with severely compromised immune systems. Talk to your doctor to see if a third dose is right for you. More information at the California Dept of Public Health.
  • Go to to schedule an appointment or find a walk-in clinic near you. MyTurn is a statewide system that many vaccine providers are using schedule vaccine appointment. 
  • All minors must have a parent or guardian present to receive the vaccine to attest the age of the minor. Parent or guardian’s name and phone number are required.  Address is optional.
  1. COVID-19 Vaccination Records and Replacement Cards
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  1. Western Nevada County COVID-19 Vaccinators
  1. Eastern Nevada County COVID-19 Vaccinators
  1. Retail Pharmacies Providing Vaccinations Statewide