Nevada County Annual Striping Project

Project Overview

Each year, starting in July, the County of Nevada kicks off its annual Striping Project. This is a routine, annual maintenance activity intended as a fundamental road safety measure.  A list of roads is compiled along. Links are provided for a map of the overall project along with a list of the roads affected during the current year's project. Please avoid driving over fresh paint. Thank you for your patience. 


  • November 15 - November  18: Eastern County Roads
  • November 19 - December 17: Western County Roads (no work will be performed from November 25-November 26) 

Current Status

Striping is set to begin on Monday, November 15th on roads within the Eastern part of the County. A list of affected roads and dates can be found under the Schedule heading. 

Once striping has been completed in the Eastern County, work will begin on roads in the Western County.  A list of affected roads can be found under the Schedule Heading.  Dates for the Western County Roads are dependent upon the completion of the Eastern County and weather. 


The project is proposed to cost $150,000 based on the Engineers estimate.  The project is funded with Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) and Highway Use Tax Account (HUTA) funds, and there is no impact on the General Fund. The project was proposed in the FY 2021/22 Road Maintenance budget

Environmental Review

It was determined that this project was exempt from CEQA under Section 15301(c) of the California Code of Regulations as it consists of the maintenance of existing streets and roadways. 

Contact Information 

  • Department of Public Works 
  • 530-265-1411