Contingency Plan for Infectious Disease

Nevada County Elections wants to hear from you about our plan to keep the public safe from COVID-19. Please post your public question in the link provided below by 5:00 p.m. on September 8, 2020. We will post your comment to our website by the next business day.

Nevada County's Plan:

Contingency Plan for Infectious Disease and Pandemics, Supplement to 2020 Election Administration Plan

Nevada County's Plan in Spanish:

Plan de Contingencia para Enfermedades Infecciosas y Pandemias, Suplemento al EAP 2020 Espanol

Supplemental Information:

Executive Order N-64-20

Executive Order N-67-20

Assembly Bill No. 860, Chapter 4

Senate Bill No. 423, Chapter 31

Election Administration Guidance under COVID-19, CA SOS

The public comment period is closed.

Public Comments:


  • We appreciate the opportunity to submit comments on Nevada County’s Election Administration Plan (EAP) Supplement, which addresses changes related to COVID-19. We also would like to express our appreciation for the detailed introduction and glossary included at the beginning and end of the EAP Supplement. These provide the context and detail necessary for Nevada County voters to understand the reasons behind each anticipated change to election procedure.
  • DRC appreciates Nevada County’s statement regarding vote center relocations—that it “makes determinations on vote center locations based on the statutory guidelines articulated in [the Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) section] 4005(a)(10)(B).” We understand it is difficult to finding vote center locations suitable for voting in a pandemic. However, we ask that Nevada County ensure that the planned vote center locations adequately meet the needs of voters with disabilities—particularly the “proximity” factors, which require that you consider (e.g.) whether relocated vote centers are close to public transportation and voters with disabilities. (See Elec. Code § 4005(a)(10)(B)(i) & (v).)
  • DRC would also like to comment on your decision to relocate two vote center locations used in the March 2020 Primary (Higgins Lions Community Center and Penn Valley Fire Protection District Station 43) to Grass Valley. While we appreciate your efforts to secure the same number of vote centers for the November Election (and acknowledge the difficulty of securing suitable locations during a pandemic), DRC is concerned that voters who relied on those vote centers in March will now have to travel many miles east and north to reach the nearest Grass Valley location. Please consider establishing “pop-up” or “mobile” vote centers near the original two locations to maximize accessibility and convenience for voters living in these areas. (See Elec. Code § 4005(a)(10)(B)(xiv)). Even a single day vote center would provide these voters with a closer, more accessible in-person voting option—something you already plan on doing in North San Juan.
  • Finally, DRC encourages Nevada County to confirm the physical accessibility of all vote center locations. (See Elec. Code §§ 1604, 4005(a)(4)(C).) We think it is a best practice to explain that all vote center locations are accessible in election planning documents. 
  • As with vote centers, the VCA requires that ballot drop-boxes (and their locations) be physically accessible to voters with disabilities. (See Elec. Code § 4005(a)(1)(B).) DRC urges Nevada County to include that fact in its EAP Supplement. This will assure voters with disabilities that they will be able to access all of Nevada County’s drop-box locations. DRC further encourages Nevada County to discuss its consideration of the 4005(a)(10)(B) factors when relocating the four new drop-box locations—particularly the “proximity” factors described above.
  • Although you encourage curbside voting as an alternative to in-person voting (especially for voters unable to wear masks and/or physically access vote centers), DRC would appreciate a more detailed explanation of curbside voting procedures—especially how COVID-19 will impact those procedures (e.g., whether workers will be required to bring voters disinfected equipment like hand sanitizer).
  • The EAP Supplement encourages voters to “contact [Nevada County] if they want to learn more about accessing RAVBM” and that “[t]hose requesting RAVBM will receive instructions on how to receive and return a ballot securely.” While we appreciate your encouragement of voters to ask county officials for more information, ideally the EAP Supplement would provide that information itself—namely, what RAVBM is, who is eligible, how to access and use RAVBM, and when a marked RAVBM ballot is due. The EAP Supplement should also mention that RAVBM is accessible to all voters for the November 2020 Election. (See Elec. Code § 3016.7.)
  • Although the EAP Supplement mentions voter education and outreach generally, the VCA requires that Nevada County’s EAP Supplement include “[a] description of how the county elections official will educate and communicate” the language and disability communities. (Elec. Code § 4005(a)(10)(I)(i)(VI)(ia) & (ib).) DRC urges Nevada County to include a detailed discussion on its education and outreach plans for both communities—or, at the very least, provide the date(s) and agenda for the required language and accessibility workshops. (See id.)
  • Thank you for your willingness to be responsive to community and outside input. We appreciate the open line of communication we maintain with you and your staff. Please contact us with questions or comments at any time.


  • Can we have in-person voting at larger spaces, such as school gymnasiums, Miner’s Foundry, Vets Hall, etc. that are not being used at this time to allow for physical distancing? That would also help with the question below about having to wait outside should there be inclement weather. And please provide more secure drop off locations for people that don’t want to vote in person, but are uncomfortable mailing in their ballot.


  • How are you going to make certain that the boxes are not vandalized. This is an election where not everyone is going to be as respectful of the process as before.  I think you should put them in places where people visit a lot like super markets and where there is a camera. So that if someone wants to even think about it they hopefully will not and in places where more people can easily vote. Shopping malls near cameras

       Grover stores near cameras

       24/7 gas stations near cameras.


  • I, too, want to know when the mail-in ballots are counted.  Before the election, on the evening of,  or days later?


  • You seem to be providing ample places to drop a ballot or to vote....too many in person it seems. Our County is not that big, save money, labor etc and lessen the number of in-person voting places. Encourage mail in and drop off!


  • Seeing how it has now been verified by the CDC that we have only had about 9,000 actual covid deaths, and have been severely deceived by politics, shouldnt everything just go back to normal....
  • Will there be a process to accommodate people waiting outside the Vote Centers in the event of inclement weather? One example might be getting their cell numbers when they arrive and then calling them when a space is available indoors for them. Then they could wait in their cars or other shelter. Thanks, Barbara Wong, Truckee
  • we can still go to a polling place to vote right?
  • It would be great if you could have a vote center in Penn Valley. 2. If I'm correct, voters can ask another person to take their ballot to a drop box. It might be good to publicize this so that people who don't wish to use the mail would know they can ask someone else to put their ballot in a drop box. This would help people who can't drive to a drop box or vote center.
  • I have the following questions: 1) When will ballots be mailed to residents? 2)How often are ballots picked up from secure deposit boxes (SPD, Gold Miners Inn, etc.) 3) After completed mail in ballots are picked up can they be counted before election day? Thank you.