McCourtney Rd. Transfer Station Renovation Project

Project Contact: Solid Waste Program Manager, David A. Garcia, Jr. MRTS (SouthWest View)_Draft_1_10_23

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Proposed Project 

Nevada County’s Solid Waste Division is proposing to renovate the McCourtney Road Transfer Station (MRTS) to serve the community better. The McCourtney Road Transfer Station (MRTS) provides solid waste and recycling services for the communities of Grass Valley, Nevada City, and the unincorporated areas of western Nevada County, California. Proposed improvements will address current facility challenges and future operations to accommodate growth leading to increased materials received, and customers served.

Proposed Improvements Include:  

  • Building a new Public Receiving Area (PRA) building to provide more unloading bays and improve unloading facility capacity and efficiency
  • Adding a new access road and entrance scale facilities to reduce arrival wait time and traffic delays
  • Improving site circulation to provide easier access to the household hazardous waste (HHW) and recyclables buy-back areas
  • Rearranging the site to provide easier access for green waste unloading and construction demolition debris unloading
  • Repurpose the existing Public Receiving Area (PRA) for organic waste (food waste) to meet the requirements of SB1383

McCourtney Transfer Station Traffic Camera

Please keep in mind that the transfer station is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The busiest traffic days at the transfer station are typically Wednesdays and Sundays. 

McCourtney Rd. Transfer Station Current Map

McCourtney Road Transfer Station Phase 1.a Map

McCourtney Rd. Transfer Station Renovation Process

 Transfer station built1994

WM Franchise Agreement
  WM commits to $5.6 million for Improvements
  Remainder County’s Share
BOS chooses MRTS improvements over relocation2013
AB1826 mandatory organics (commercial)2014
Conceptual design report (HDR)2015-2016
B1383 mandatory organics (residential)2016
Recycling market crashes. 2016

 Amend  WM Franchise Agreement
    2017 Hired R3 Consulting to assist with WM Negotiation 
    MRTS project
    Legislative updates (e.g. AB1826 & SB1383)
Request for Proposals for Design Firm Released 2019
Awarded HDR contract to begin MRTS Design on September 24, 2019, link: COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 19-0833 (
Project Design 

Conducted Public Outreach - Presented at 2 Community Meetings on September 9 and 29, 2020. These were publicly noticed and 300 postcards were sent to residents directly affected by the project. These meetings were recorded and shared via the website. Staff also presented at the Solid and Hazardous Waste Commission on October 8, 20202020
Permitting: the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) was circulated for a 30-day comment period from December 10, 2020, to January 10, 2021. MND approved by BOS on March 9, 2021, link COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 21-0153 ( 2021
Board Approval of Plans and Specs and Authorization to  Advertise Construction December 14, 2021, link COUNTY OF NEVADA - File #: SR 21-0881 (
Bid Project Early 2022, rejected all bids due to market instability and funding gap.2022
Re-Bid Project November to January 11, 20222022
Board award of construction contract Feb 7, 2023
MRTS Ground Breaking - Press Release  May 1, 2023

Phase 1 has begun. This phase focuses on earthwork and the construction of a new Public Receiving Area.
McCourtney Road Transfer Station - Phase 1 
May 1, 2023 - May 1, 2024 (estimated)


Nevada County’s McCourtney Road Transfer Station Improvement Project began May 1, 2023. The first month of the project focused on clearing and leveling the site to prepare for construction and creating the safety infrastructure required for a project of this size. 

The next phase involves dynamic compaction, residents and customers in the area will hear increased, heavy construction noise. A crane will hoist a 10- 30 ton weight and then allow it to fall creating a compacted grid pattern throughout the project site. Dynamic Compaction will take place intermittently 7 am – 6 pm and is expected to last 6-8 weeks.  

Signage for Bobo Construction with jobsite safety and no public access on them.
June 13, 2024


The second month of the project focused on dynamic compaction, meaning a crane hoists a 50-ton weight and then allows it to fall creating a compacted grid pattern throughout the project site – look at that golf ball pattern it created! The project then required further leveling and compaction of the site to prepare for construction of the building pad.

The next month or phase involves import fill of soil and compaction. Once completed, utility undergrounding will begin and allow the project’s footprint to develop

MRTS Dynamic Compaction
July 18, 2023

Phase 2: New entrance road and scale plaza.McCourtney Road Transfer Station - Phase 2May 1, 2024 - TBD

Phase 3: Old Public Receiving Area converted to green and food waste transfer facility.
McCourtney Road Transfer Station - Phase 3.

MRTS mockup