2019 Point in Time Count

2019 Count

Nevada County Count: Various shelters counted their number of guests on the night of January 24th, 2019 – including Hospitality House, the Sierra Roots Warming Center, the Truckee Warming Center, and Booth Family Center. 

  • Included in the Count: Unsheltered Homeless - people living outside, in cars, or other places not meant for human habitation and Sheltered Homeless - people living in emergency shelters, motels paid for by an agency and transitional housing for the homeless. 
  • Not included in the Count: those temporarily living with family or friends (doubled up or couch surfing), those living in permanent supportive housing or Rapid Rehousing, and those in institutions – such as jails, foster care, or hospitals.

2019 Results Summary

The 2019 Point In Time results demonstrated a 11% increase as compared to 2017. Various factors can affect these results since they are performed on a single night - such as weather, location of the event, etc. 

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