SB978 Operations Training

Senate Bill 978 (Bradford) was approved by Governor Brown on September 30, 2018, taking effect January 1, 2020. This legislation requires Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and local law enforcement agencies to publish education and training material on their Internet Web sites. 

Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) site hosts training material utilized by the Nevada County Sheriff's Office, Operations Division.

The Nevada County Sheriff's Office attends other training that pertain to officer safety, tactics, and deployment on various incidents that have been deemed exempt from disclosure. However, in the effort to be transparent for the public interest, the office will list training and post materials that have been approved for disclosure and are not copyrighted material. Additional training flyers are listed below.

  1. 2021
  2. 2022

Training Documents

  1. 2021 Animal Care Conference (PDF)
  2. Basic Death Investigation (PDF)
  3. California Animal Response Teams (PDF)
  4. California Sex and Arson Registry (PDF)
  5. CCW Conference (PDF)
  6. Cellebrite Certified Operator (PDF)
  7. Cellebrite Mobile Forensics Fundamentals (PDF)
  8. Cellebrite Physical Analyzer (PDF)
  9. CHIA Conference (PDF)
  10. Criminal Investigation Using Cell Technologies (PDF)
  11. Jail and Prisoner Operation and Legal Issues, AELE Conference (PDF)
  12. Law Enforcement Legislative Summit (PDF)
  13. Managing Police Records (PDF)
  14. NCSO POST Trainings (PDF)
  15. Officer Involved Shooting Webinar (PDF)
  16. Sex Offenders-Understanding and Responding to Sexual Crimes Training Flyer (PDF)
  17. Standard NIBRS (PDF)
  18. Tactical Breaching Course (PDF)
  19. Your Guide to Getting Promoted (PDF)
  20. Advanced Civil Procedures (PDF)
  21. Advanced Crime Scene Investigation (PDF)
  22. Advanced Training Officer (PDF)
  23. AJA Conference and Workshop (PDF)
  24. Arrest Control Instructor (PDF)
  25. Basic Crime Scene Investigation (PDF)
  26. Basic Crisis Negotiation Course (PDF)
  27. Basic Crisis Negotiations Course (PDF)
  28. Basic Dispatch Academy (PDF)
  29. Basic Dispatch Course (PDF)
  30. Basic SWAT Course (PDF)
  31. Basic SWAT Course (PDF)
  32. Boating Under the Influence (PDF)
  33. BULL Conference (PDF)
  34. CA POST Training Administrators Course (PDF)
  35. CA Public Records Act (PDF)
  36. CAD-RMS Procurement and Project Management Webinar (PDF)
  37. CAL Fire Safety Training for Law Enforcement (PDF)
  38. Cal OES Mass Fatality Management Full Scale Exercise (PDF)
  39. Cal OES Mass Fatality Management Tabletop Exercise (PDF)
  40. California CART Collective Summit (PDF)
  41. California Criminal Justice Warrant Services Training Workshop (PDF)
  42. California IBR (PDF)
  43. California Public Records Act (PDF)
  44. Canine Program Management (PDF)
  45. Canine Tracking and Problem Solving Seminar (PDF)
  46. Canine Training (PDF)
  47. Cannabis Cultivation Hazards & Safety for Law Enforcement (PDF)
  48. CAPAPGPC Conference (PDF)
  49. CAPE Conference (PDF)
  50. CART Summit (PDF)
  51. CCW Coordinator Conference (PDF)
  52. Cellular Phone Forensics Investigations (PDF)
  53. CFIT Update (PDF)
  54. CHIA Conference (PDF)
  55. Civil Forum (PDF)
  56. Civil Procedure Update (PDF)
  57. Cold Case Homicide Investigation (PDF)
  58. Communications Training Officer (PDF)
  59. Concealed Weapons Coordinator Conference (PDF)
  60. Coroner Mass Fatality Awareness (PDF)
  61. Coroner Mass Fatality for Executives (PDF)
  62. Coroner Update (PDF)
  63. Cover Your K9 Emergency Medicine Seminar (PDF)
  64. Credentialed Animal Control and Cruelty Investigations Training Mod C (PDF)
  65. Crim Inv Inst Core Course (ICI)(PDF)
  66. Crisis Intervention - Behavior Health Training for Field Training Officers (PDF)
  67. Crisis Negotiations for Incident Commanders (PDF)
  68. CSSAF - Media Relations (PDF)
  69. CSSAF 2nds In Command Workshop (PDF)
  70. Defensive Tactics (PDF)
  71. Dispatch Supervisor Course (PDF)
  72. Diversionary Device Instructor Course (PDF)
  73. Domestic Violence for Negotiators (PDF)
  74. Domestic Violence Update (PDF)
  75. Driver Training (EVOC) Update (PDF)
  76. FBI CA LE Executive Development Seminar (PDF)
  77. Field Training Officer (PDF)
  78. Field Training Officer (PDF)
  79. FTO SAC (PDF)
  80. FTO Update (PDF)
  81. GTA POST Records Clerk (PDF)
  82. High Risk Warrants (PDF)
  83. Homegrown Violent Extremism (PDF)
  84. Hostage Rescue Level 1 (PDF)
  85. IAPE Conference (PDF)
  86. ICAT Train the Trainer (PDF)
  87. ICI Homicide (PDF)
  88. ICI Major Drug Investigations (PDF)
  89. ICI Sexual Assault Course (PDF)
  90. ICS - 300 (PDF)
  91. Jail and Prisoner Operational and Legal Issues Seminar (PDF)
  92. Marijuana Law in California (PDF)
  93. Mobile Crisis Team and 5150 W&I Training (PDF)
  94. MUPS Investigations (PDF)
  95. MUPS Law Update and Patrol Responsibilities (PDF)
  96. Navigating a California Public Records Act Request (PDF)
  97. NIBRS - CIBRS Update (PDF)
  98. Norther California Jail Manager Meeting (PDF)
  99. PA.PG.PC Board Meeting (PDF)
  100. Peace Officer Certification Workshop (PDF)
  101. Peace Officer Personnel Records Management (PDF)
  102. Pitchess Motion Update (PDF)
  103. Polaris RZR Familiarization (PDF)
  104. Public Safety Dispatcher Basic (PDF)
  105. Range - Shotgun (PDF)
  106. Range Qualification (PDF)
  107. Records - Supervisor (PDF)
  108. Search and Rescue Response - Evacuations (PDF)
  109. Serial Number Restoration (PDF)
  110. Supervisory Course (PDF)
  111. Supervisory Course (PDF)
  112. Supervisory Course (PDF)
  113. SWAT Commander Course (PDF)
  114. SWAT Commander Course (PDF)
  115. SWAT Commander Course (PDF)
  116. Training Coordinator (PDF)
  117. Use of Force De-escalation (PDF)
  118. Use of Force (PSP) (PDF)
  119. Vehicle Counter-Ambush Tactics (PDF)
  120. Winter Search and Rescue Management (PDF)
  121. Women Leaders in Law Enforcement (PDF)
  122. WRAP (PDF)