Search or Request Recorded Documents

Online searches for Nevada County Recorder's office Grantor-Grantee Index of Recorded Documents Dates back to 1987. The Index of Recorded Documents prior to 1987 is available in the Recorder's office on microfilm.


Search for recorded documents online.

Online Search Instructions

Instructions to perform a search:

  1. Select the Party Type - Open drop down list and select either Grantor or Grantee
  2. Enter a name by entering last name first and their first name - example Smith Joe
  3. The name must be at least three characters long
  4. Select a category of documents to search or leave as N/A (if you do not know the category) it will then search by all document types
  5. Select and/or enter a beginning date range, or leave and it will search the entire data base
  6. Select and / or enter an ending date range, or leave and it will search up to yesterdays recordings
  7. Click Search
  8. Scroll down towards bottom of page to see the search results
  9. The result screen shows party type (To) or (From). (To) meaning that the name searched is the Grantee of the document. (From) would mean that the names searched is the Grantor of the document
  10. Record Date is the date that the Document was recorded
  11. Document Type is the type of document recorded


You can request copies of Official Recorded documents by downloading the form (PDF) and Fee Schedule (PDF).

Mail request and payment to:
Nevada County Clerk-Recorder
950 Maidu Avenue
Suite 210
Nevada City, CA 95959