Sewer Lateral Maintenance and Sewer Relief Valve

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Help Protect your Home or Business by Installing Backflow Prevention Devices

Why? Protect yourself, your home, and your business by installing backflow prevention devices including a sewer relief valve (SRV), also known as a backwater valve, and a pop-off relief device also known as a pop-off cap. Sewage overflows into homes and businesses are often caused by roots, grease, and general sewer pipeline deterioration. When a sewer blockage occurs in a private sewer pipeline or in a public sewer main, sewage backs up until it finds the lowest point to escape. That can be your shower, toilet, or sink in your home or business. Backflow prevention devices are also required for all Nevada County Sanitation District customers for new connections, significant remodels of 50% or more, and repair/replacements made to an existing sewer lateral.

Prevention: Damage resulting from sewage backing up into a home or business can easily be prevented by installing backflow prevention devices in the sewer pipeline serving your property. The backflow prevention devices allow the sewer to overflow outside your home or business instead of inside. The cost of having the backflow prevention devices installed is small compared with the cost of cleaning up a sewage spill in your home or business.

For further information on property owner responsibilities and how to maintain your sewer system, check out our
Home Sewer Lateral Maintenance Guide.

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