School Resource Officer Program


The purpose of the School Resource Officer Program is to provide deputies to:
  • Assist the schools in problems.
  • Follow up other deputies' reports involving juvenile crimes.
  • Investigate all crimes and incidents on school campuses.
  • Provide follow-up investigation on juvenile runaway reports.

Services to Citizens

  • In addition to these duties, these officers work closely with the Juvenile Probation Department, the District Attorney's Office on juvenile crimes, and assist the County's Adult and Family Services Department.
  • The deputies are involved in a Drug Free education program with an emphasis on positive choices, educating students on Peer Court (a freshman in high school who has committed a misdemeanor or minor offense may seek a trial by peer members).
  • Speaking to various school groups on current juvenile trends in Nevada County.
  • Through the efforts of these officers, the workload of other patrol officers in those areas in which there are schools has been reduced, and the positive aspects of law enforcement have been furthered with the students in Nevada County.