Patrol Division

Deputies assigned to the Patrol Division are the first to respond to any emergency in the county. Patrol Deputies are trained to handle and enforce any criminal, civil or traffic related violation. They conduct a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony crime investigations as part of their daily duties.


The Patrol Division consists of several special assignments including:
  • Canine
  • Court Security
  • Critical Incident Negotiation's Team
  • High Country Patrol
  • Marine Patrol
  • Narcotics Task Force (NTF)
  • OHV Patrol (Off Highway Vehicles)
  • School Resource Officers
  • Search and Rescue
  • Special Enforcement Detail (SED)
When any crime occurs in the county, the respective resources are dispatched to assist in conducting a full and detailed investigation. All of these resources in our Patrol Division have greatly reduced violent crime in the county and resulted in the apprehension and conviction of numerous criminals.

Reserve Deputy Program

In addition to our sworn uniformed officers in the Patrol Division, we have a Reserve Deputy Program. After attending and being certified at a recognized law enforcement academy and successfully completing a field training program, these deputies assist the division in a variety of enforcement assignments. Those include Patrol, Marine Patrol, Court Security and enforcement of search warrants.

The community is an invaluable asset to our Patrol Division. Our goal is to provide protection to Nevada County residents in a professional, safe and efficient manner. Residents are encouraged to call upon our Patrol Deputies at any time, as you are our eyes and ears of the Patrol Division.