Point In Time Count


The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that each Homeless Continuum of Care conduct a point-in-time count of individuals and families experiencing homelessness, using HUD-approved methodology in order to qualify for Continuum of Care (CoC) funds. HUD specifies that this count must be performed during the last ten days of January. While HUD only requires the full count every other year, Nevada County’s CoC has decided to perform the count annually, starting in 2018. Point-in-time counts are not a comprehensive measure of an area's homeless population, but rather snapshots from a single day that can be used to approximate broad trends. Typically, they are viewed as undercounts for a community's yearly overall homeless population because many people may move in and out of homelessness throughout the year.

  • Included in the Count: Unsheltered Homeless - people living outside, in cars, or other places not meant for human habitation and Sheltered Homeless - people living in emergency shelters, motels paid for by an agency and transitional housing for the homeless. 
  • Not included in the Count: those temporarily living with family or friends (doubled up or couch surfing), those living in permanent supportive housing or Rapid Rehousing, and those in institutions – such as jails, foster care, or hospitals

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2018 Point In Time Count Results

2019 Point in Time Count Results

Point In Time Count Results by Year Number
2009 345
2011 190
2013 314
2015 279
2017 371
2018 272
2019 410