Neighborhood Watch & Crime Prevention Program

Purpose & Goals

Crime Prevention is the foundation block of the community policing concept, and is important in the future of law enforcement, especially in light of declining budgets.

The current ranking of Nevada County as one of the counties with the lowest crime rates clearly reflects the efforts of the department's Crime Prevention officers and program.

As citizens of Nevada County, you can take an active part in fighting crime by developing a program in your area. There is nothing more effective in the fight against crime than each good citizen watching out for other's well being. Contact your Sheriff's Office when you observe suspicious activity. If you suspect someone in the neighborhood is dealing drugs it is vitally important that you notify the task force. The information you provide may be the lead we need to solve a crime or stop one before it happens. Visit the National Neighborhood Watch Institute's website for more information.

Services to Citizens

  • These officers make presentations to homeowners, civic groups, and business owners on all aspects of crime prevention.
  • Crime analysis of the reports prepared by the various shifts are conducted by deputies and made available to the agency and public.
  • In addition to speaking engagements, these deputies are a constant source of answers for the public on assorted questions regarding community problems.
  • Since being assigned the duties, the number of organized neighborhood block units has increased from seventy to more than ninety units.
  • As crime prevention officers, they are the focal point for the block leaders and respond to the many questions and concerns of the block units.

Employment & Training

Training for this position requires attending a two week school on basic crime prevention.